Recession-Proof Your Business

Is economic uncertainty causing you anxiety about what the future holds for your business?

During times of certainty there are companies who actually grow their market share, even if they experience a slight decline in business. Why is this? Because these companies look ahead and prepare for a potential decline.

Here is the good news. With Business Made Simple’s  Flight Plan approach, you can grow your business now so that when times of scarcity come, your business will gain advantages that your competitors don’t have.

They’ll be survival mode, while you’re hitting your stride, thriving in this “new world” of economic challenges.

How do you grow your business today and prepare for tomorrow?

According to Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple, there are 6 key areas that impact a business’s success. Dial in these 6 areas and you’ll build a resilient business that withstands the turbulence of economic change.

But how do you dial them in? That’s where my team and I come in. I will help you identify and address any weaknesses, so you can focus on your core strengths. We’ll help you clarify your message, explore new revenue streams, and increase your profits.

With our guidance, you’ll gain the momentum you need to recession-proof your business while you grow the bottom line.

Don’t leave your business growth to chance. Partner today to build a thriving, successful company.

Solve these challenges, then watch your business grow.

Message Not Clear?

Improve customer engagement with a strong messaging platform. My team of experts & I will help you create a message that resonates and boosts profits.

Don’t know what you’re getting for what you’re spending?

Set up your measures, campaigns & activities so it’s crystal clear what is working — and not working. 

Is your team achieving their potential?

Master leadership skills for better productivity and team success, which will increase your company’s bottom line.

Not hitting your sales goals?

Implement “Customer Is the Hero” & to jumpstart flagging sales & increase your team’s vision for products/services.

Meet Your Guide

If you’ve filled the role of “buck stops here”, you know there is no magic bullet and no one-size-fits-all formula to growth. You know how hard it is to create the conditions needed to grow a business.

In the last 15+ years, I led marketing at a start-up software company that grew from $8M in annual revenue to $31M in 24 months; increased the customer base of a financial services company 3X in 18 months on their way to becoming a nationally-recognized firm; led the development and delivery of a media product impacting over 20M people globally; and helped dozens of small businesses reach the next level in their growth. 

Each project required focused effort in different ways and different places—but it’s always the same approach:

Insights + Action = Growth.

The StoryBrand and Business Made Simple “operating system” gives you both the insights and the action steps to achieve growth through simple and scalable frameworks and processes.

Together, let’s unlock the insights and take the actions that lead to profitable and predictable growth. Let’s see you achieve the business success you always knew you could.


Kind words from great clients & colleagues.

I had the pleasure of working with Marc. He is an exceptional leader with strong interpersonal skills, a unique capacity for empathy, and a high sense of integrity. His gentle demeanor and “win-win” approach at business negotiations and partner development are only eclipsed by his keen strategic mind and strong work ethic. He is team and service oriented and always mindful of the bottom line. Marc was an asset to our organization and I highly recommend him to any employer seeking a strong leader.

Principal Consultant 
Accendcio Consulting

If you’re reading this message, it means you are considering hiring Marc Fey as a Business Coach. Do it. It will be he best decision that you make today.  Marc is easy to talk to and fantastic to work with. He helped me to take a business idea that I was struggling with for two years from concept to completion. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that helped bridge the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be. All the best to your future success!

Allstate Agent & Owner of Kevin Spann Coaching

Marc is one of the brightest minds I’ve ever worked with when it comes to branding, storytelling, and crafting a unique message. He understands how to clearly position and articulate a company’s values, beliefs, and core strengths, and tell it in a way that a consumer will comprehend. In my experience, it’s difficult to find someone who is both equally gifted in brand strategy, and creative direction, and Marc is exactly that.

Brad Boekestein, Senior Vice President

Allworth Financial

Great strategy and great interpersonal leadership advice and mentorship.
Marc is the real deal and super helpful.

Ruth Finsthwait, CEO and Founder

Sombrero Time and Spanish Curriculum

Marc has the unique ability of arriving at an organization and turning marketing chaos into revenue growth within a short amount of time. He quickly identifies short term opportunities to produce “quick wins” — while at the same time developing winning marketing strategies that are sustainable. The results of implementing his “marketing blueprint” are remarkable and I recommend him. Marc is a great leader and has been both a professional and personal mentor to me.

David Kolb, Director of Marketing

Cayuse, LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Marc both in my role at the The Institute for Digital Transformation and as a member of the board with itSMF USA. Marc was a great inspiration to me in terms of how marketing should really be done. He approached it authentically, creatively and with a commitment to do good, while promoting the brand effectively. And this approach produced significant results! I believe this stems from his character as a person. He is one of the nicest, most open, insightful and thoughtful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and with which to work. I highly endorse Marc on every level.

Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst

Intellyx, Best Selling Author

Marc and the team at MKF Strategic Marketing are passionate about their clients and producing results. Few marketing agencies put as much attention to detail and care for the customer experience as Marc; our partnership with MKF Strategic Marketing has been so rewarding!

Marisa Williams, CEO and Founder

W74 Marketing

Forbes’ “Top 10 Qualities that Make a Great Leader” include the following: honesty, ability to delegate, communication, sense of humor, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, intuition, and ability to inspire. Without exception, Marc excels at all of these qualities. Finding the balance between fun and productivity can be elusive for many leaders, but not to him. Thus, his energized, affirmed, empowered team will go the extra mile to achieve objectives — and the results speak for themselves.

Stephanie Santos, Content Manager

Ivante Software (formerly Cherwell Software)

I have known and worked with Marc for ten years…he is first class in every way…

Michael Clifford, Founder and CEO

Significant Education

I have always appreciated Marc, his talent, and his passion. It was fantastic having him as a strategic member of my senior team. He is smart, capable and caring. Quite a combination. Marc has great vision and the ability to make that vision a reality. I really enjoyed working with him.

Steve Maegdlin, Founder/CEO

Executive Advisory Partners


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